Podiatry Links

At Garnet & Carbonell, DPM, LLC, we not only want to provide our patients with the highest possible quality of care when treating their foot and ankle needs, but also keep them as informed as possible about the latest advances in foot care. So, below we have highlighted some additional websites that we consider to be trusted sources of information relating to foot and ankle care.

  • American Podiatric Medical Association – The APMA is an organization representing the vast majority of the podiatrists practicing in the United States and is considered a leading resource for foot and ankle health information.
  • Florida Podiatric Medical Association – The Florida Podiatric Medical Association (FPMA) was organized in 1927 for the purpose of advancing the science and art of Podiatric Medicine, promoting the benefits of scientific advancement in the treatment, prevention, and alleviation of podiatric ailments, and enhancing relationships within the Podiatric Medical profession and other groups dedicated to improve healthcare.
  • American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons – The ACFAS is a professional society of over 6,000 foot and ankle surgeons which strives to promote the art and science of foot, ankle, and related lower extremity surgery.
  • American Board of Podiatric Surgery – The ABPS is a specialty board whose goal is to protect and improve the health and welfare of the public by the advancement of the art and science of podiatric surgery.
  • National Diabetes Education Program – Today, nearly 23.6 million Americans have diabetes, and of these, 5.7 million are undiagnosed. In addition, some 54 million people have prediabetes. The NDEP and its Pharmacy, Podiatry, Optometry and Dental Professionals (PPOD) Work Group request your support in taking a stand to fight for diabetes.
  • National Podiatrist Directory – PodiatristProfiles.com is an online directory of podiatrists that allows a patient to find a local foot doctor through a zip code search. Patients can research their local podiatrists as well as access a variety of foot and ankle health information.
  • Florida Podiatrists – Patients can research their local Florida podiatrists as well as access a variety of foot and ankle health information.